Dymen recently look a design for accessibility course. It made us rethink how we view everyday interfaces and objects. We thought, "how these things can be more accessible to a wider range of people?" We decided to focus on the deaf community, specifically. Here at RIT especially, we are exposed to the deaf community everyday. Even at this hackathon, we were fortunate enough to have a few interpreters for the audience.

What it does

Easy Access makes it easier for people in the deaf community to find interpreters and captionists. With our app, Easy Access, deaf clients are able to look for a specific type of interpreter or captionist and reach out to them. We acknowledge that not every interpreter can sign for every subject. For example, someone interpreting at this hackathon might not know the signs for various medical terms. Deaf clients can google an agency or be matched with one, but we wanted to make something simpler than that. With our app, clients are able to reach out directly to interpreters.

How we built it

We designed this app using Adobe XD.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was: how can we make this different from the resources already out there? Deaf clients can google an agency or be matched with one, but we wanted to make something simpler than that. We also needed to figure out how to arrange the information for the app. We also had to figure out a deaf person's needs when it comes to finding services. Time management was also a struggle, as sometimes our ideas are a little beyond our skills. Also, there were only two of us working on this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're happy that we came up with the idea in the first place. We wanted to come up with something that could help people. We're proud of the way our app came out, in terms of the design. We're also proud of how thorough we were in our research. Lastly, we are proud that we were able to come up with this when it is only the two of us.

What we learned

We got information from members of the deaf community directly. Conducting face to face interviews and surveys, and performing user tests helped us to get a good idea of the challenges and struggles that those in the actual community face.

What's next for Easy Access

We'd like to come up with a prototype that is more interactive and is well coded. We'd also like to do more research and get an idea of the point of view from the interpreter's side of this app. In the future, we would really like to expand this. We can try to make services accessible to people with other disabilities.

Built With

  • adobe-xd
  • invision
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