While brainstorming, our team thought about what programs would be beneficial to our school and how we could spread awareness about computer science in general. So since we have a well-known and very important tradition involving our football team (Easton) and the rival team (Phillipsburg) which has been a fueled rivalry for over 100 years, we decided to build a program based upon that. In order to make a program more meaningful to us, we decided to create a website from complete scratch, with zero previous coding experience. This website would include a checklist leading up to the week of the football game that would prepare for the bonfire with various activities such as collecting the wood, handing in tshirt designs, seniors getting their school schedules cleared for the day of the bonfire, and other similar preparational activities. In these 24 hours, our team learned as much html as we could and implemented this into making a decent website in working order. This is nowhere near the final product and given more time, we could significantly build upon this and actually make it a very significant addition to preparing for our yearly bonfire. It would not only lessen the load on the seniors, the senior class head teacher, and the secretaries, but it would also motivate community members to donate and become more involved in this everlasting tradition. Through this website, we can also target the community and explain to them the importance of computer science and programming and how it's literally everywhere. The key features that we're most proud of include the donations page and linking that to our main checklist page, along with the design that went in to making the 'Thank you!' page. It does not seem like a lot, but since we've never worked with programming before, this was a great first experience and we definitely intend to continue working on this even after pilotphilly.

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