We wanted to make a video game and while we were brainstorming, we were struck by a strong sense of nostalgia for grade 12 biology. Thus, this was born.


Oodles of fun! It is a game with procedurally generated levels and a variety of different opponents. The spike enemy body squishes you if you get too close to it. It also chases you down pretty savagely as well. Another type of enemy is the triangle enemy where it shoots shotgun like blasts of bullets and you have to try your best to dodge them. The cube pink cell tries to gun you down as you scoot past it. They are all out to get you so you have to shoot those pesky bacteria and viruses before they shoot you. Then, after 10 kills, you'll have enough street cred to challenge the boss. Kill the boss and you'll rule the world.


Using Lua, Love, and love, it was built in between bites of pretzel/sesame bagels.

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