FinViz is a great website for getting information about stocks, but sometimes it's not the easiest to get the information you want in a nice way. I wanted to have a way to see the info I cared about and just the stocks that have had news recently.

What it does

EASNYL scrapes FinViz for whatever links you give it. You can customize the info that it will get for you and also customize how the stocks are sorted so it will only look at the stocks that are relevant to your current strategy.

How I built it

I build the web scraper in Python and connected it to Google Sheets so that way one can access the information from anywhere, not just their personal computer. It also allows the user to download a spread sheet of the info and perform any data analysis they want or to do data analysis within Google Sheets.

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge I ran into was deciding which platform to make the scraper in. I was originally going to use google script because it was directly linked to google sheets, but there was not enough web scraping capabilities on it. I researched some more and found I could do it in Python. I then had some trouble connecting to the API and using it at first.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm very proud of the efficiency and logic I used in this project because I know I will have to scale and adjust this project more so I am very proud that the code I wrote is solid logic and efficient.

What I learned

I learned that web scraping isn't as hard as I thought and using APIs isn't as difficult either

What's next for EASNYL(Easily Accessible Stock News to Your Liking)

The next thing I have in mind is making the application more user customizable once I receive feedback and then to try to connect the news to stock trends.

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