For seniors, using devices like mobiles and laptops is still a challenge, no matter how many accessible apps, extensions and websites are there, they still continue to struggle. This was the inspiration for Ease-Access, a platform where the people who need technical assistance can directly get answers to even their simplest questions, without any issues.

What it does

quick link to the app's apk:

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It's a community platform, divided into two groups:-

  1. General User
    This is the group of all people who might need technical assistance , preferably senior citizens, but there's no boundation, people of all ages can use it

  2. Volunteers
    These are the people who will provide answers to queries, and can earn points by doing so.

    So first of all, whenever a user faces an issue regarding technology, (for example, suppose someone is struggling to change the whatsapp to light mode from dark mode), they can just create a new question, either type it or record it, and submit.

    Then, someone from the volunteer side would answer it and earn 5 coins. If the user approves that answer, the volunteer will get 5 more coins.,
    This way, it'll be an interactive and rewarding app for both kinds of users.

How I built it

An elaborated schema of the app can be found in the github repository at

  1. For the design, I used Figma
  2. For coding the front end of app, I used Flutter as a framework
  3. For database, storage and authentication purposes, I used Google's Firebase
  4. For editing the demo video, I've used Alight Motion Application.

Challenges I ran into

Completing the project within the time frame was of course challenging. Also I kind of struggled with passing audio files to database, but got it sorted eventually.
Creating an efficient schema for the database was also challenging and made me spend a lot of time there.
Also, it was tough managing time since I had to take care of design, code and presentation all by myself.

Accomplishments I'm proud of

I'm very proud that I was able to complete this app within the time frame, and I'm also proud about the potential it holds and how it can be really helpful for people seeking help, especially old people.

What I learned

I got more comfortable with Figma designs, and also learned how to use firebase storage to upload and retrieve data.
I also learned how object oriented programming works with dart, mostly passing data and accessing it using class objects.

What's next for Ease-Access

I want to add a feature where the coins earned by volunteers become redeemable in some sort. And in the near future, I'd love to launch this app in the real world!!

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