Gilbert was inspired by the game Seedship and his love for hardware technology. He had been planning this project for a few days and was not even sure if he would work on Earthseed until the first day of Hack Princeton. Try the original game:

What it does

Earthseed simulates the mobile app Seedship through an arduino. This creates a much more immersive experience, with flashing lights and selection menus that feel like we are actually controlling a space ship and determining the fate of the last 1000 colonists.

How we built it

We designed the controller with a breadboard, lcd screen and a few other hardware things that I can't get into because that was all Gilbert's implementation. On the software side we developed and tested code in C, and then sent it over github where Gilbert transformed the code into .ino files that could actually be tested within the arduino. This was our workflow for all of yesterday.

Challenges we ran into

We found that the story we created at the start was too expansive for us to implement. Our final design would include many random events that actually flickered the lights to signify what was going on. We also wanted to print a case for the hardware but we did not find the correct material to 3D print that we wanted.

There was also the time where our buttons would come off of the breadboard when we pressed them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am personally very proud of our team. We all met on Saturday because I missed my Friday flight, which led my original random team to leave me, and Akash and Gilbert got ABANDONED by their first team too. I ran into Akash when looking for the Friend building and we all just started working on something.

I am proud of how we were all able to communicate and accomplish so much in a 30 hour period. Even though we could not print out the case, I think this project is very close to being finished and I haven't had so much fun working at a hackathon before this one.

What we learned

We learned the that breadboards and people can be very unreliable, but beautiful things are just around the corner when you keep your head up. Also, this was my first time doing a hardware hack and it was awesome.

What's next for Earthseed

Earthseed will have a case around it soon. I also think manipulating the lights when crazy random events come would be cool too. If a space ghost came to interact with the user, we could introduce this event but flickering all of the LED lights in a spooky fashion before the LCD screen starts talking about the event.

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