The Problem

It seems that too many people, the climate crisis and the concept of a carbon neutral-society are still very intangible, meaning they cannot identify their role in this complex issue. However, scientists and climate activists strongly emphasise that if we do not cut global emissions by half compared to pre-industrial levels until 2030, we have to ask serious questions: Will we be able to breathe fresh air? Will there be sufficient nutritious food? How many people will have to leave their home because areas have become uninhabitable? In this context, small numbers have a significant impact; Right now, we are only less than half a degree away from global warming of +1.5 degrees that would lead to dramatic and irreversible changes. Overall, we see that solving the climate crisis is not only an emergency plan to save the planet, but also an opportunity to make our own lives better and healthier.

Our solution

Our idea to raise awareness on the climate crisis is based on the sustainable Marketing Mix. As a customer solution, we present the “Earthlympics Arena”, a project website for the (yet to be developed) App that enables users to become climate champions and thus improve their natural environment and their health. We consider the customer cost in making our solutions free to use. We ensure the user convenience in developing user-friendly interfaces, preserving battery power and taking minimum disk space. We communicate possibilities for climate-friendly behaviour and thus raise awareness that every individual can and must take action to tackle the climate crisis.

Our achievements

During the Hackathon weekend, starting from zero, we created the idea on the Earthlympics Arena. On the project website visitors can already take a climate quiz, have a glimpse at the planned App features, take a user-poll to have their say on the Earthlympics App and subscribe to our newsletter to keep track of its development. The Earthlympic App should become the heart of the project - the arena where everyone can become a climate champion. We elaborated on a potential App architecture, user functions, and notifications, and identified the following main features: • A personal carbon footprint evaluation compared to one’s own country average. • Sustainability challenges on climate-change-related topics like food, travel & mobility, consumption patterns, energy consumption, or digital technology use & streaming. • Reminders and practical tips on how to change daily routines. • A competition mode allowing users to challenge friends, family, classmates or colleagues to join their cause. • A pledge function allowing users to easily commit to personal footprint-minimization-goals. • A reward system where climate champions enter draws on sustainable products.

Continuing the project

To bring the project to live, the team relies on experts in App development and a funding plan to secure the progression.

The speaker to eventually pitch the project on Sunday will be Carmen

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