Many people want to volunteer or help out but don't know quite how/where to get involved, or they just don't have time to. This site makes it easy for people to find volunteer opportunities, and they get rewarded for it! Caring companies partner with volunteer organizations to give rewards for hardworking volunteers and generous donors.


We wanted to create an app that would act on behalf of people who want to make a difference. This site facilitates volunteering and philanthropy in a way that is fun and commercially viable.

Challenges we ran into

We spent quite a while trying to configure the database to work with our AJAX calls to PHP middlemen to have a fully functional site, but realized that with how complex our idea was, this wasn't totally practical. So we focused our attention instead on creating a prototype that we could configure with a database at some point after these 24 hours :)

Accomplishments we're proud of

We each experienced working with languages we had never worked with, figuring out MySQL tables and connection, and we learned a ton about languages we had prior experience with.

What's next

We all feel very passionate about this idea and want to turn it into a working product that will inspire people across the world to get involved as volunteers and philanthropists.

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