• Intuit’s customer support representatives do a fantastic job to address the needs of our customers. However, they get flooded with questions. Create an automated and intuitive solution using which customers can get their queries resolved without having to call the support. The solution could provide an easy way for auto escalations, proper notifications, and quick resolutions.

What it does

  • Help customer support to reduce FAQ calls using automated computer responses.

How I built it

  • Created web API service which has HTTP post end-point.
  • Consumed the API using Azure Enterprise Productivity Chatbot.
  • Created web app using HTML5, CSS3, JS & Bootstrap to call the Microsoft Azure chat-bot service to render.

Challenges I ran into

  • Using 250 FAQS across Intuit support site.
  • Generating links in chat-bot response.
  • General DevOps issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Creating RestFul API.
  • Using cognitive service by the Azure cloud platform.
  • Able to deploy in Microsoft teams, Slack, Skype, and Web-App.

What I learned

  • About chatbot in general and more about Azure cloud services.

What's next for Earth X Hack – Intuit’s Innovation Challenge

  • Improve in re-learning responses by user responses
  • Store use session with responses in DB.

Presentation & Demo

Slide Deck

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