I always wanted to help the environment. I only knew things like how polar bears are suffering and how their glaciers and homes are melting. This made me want to dive more into the topic. While deciding what to do I also ended up doing a lot of research and found out that the world is suffering a lot more than most of us thought and we need to do something quickly. I decided to create this bot to help people know more about the earth and let them know some fun facts and solutions along with it.

What it does

It gives questions for people to answer! Once it gives a question you will have options to choose, if you get it wrong it just tells you that but once you get it right it expands on the answer to the question, and sometimes depending on the question, it gives people a solution on how to reduce/avoid it.

How we built it

At first, I tried to use javascript and replit and I kept trying for hours but kept struggling since it was my first time coding anything and making a discord bot so it was pretty hard to follow along. Soon I moved on and used botghost where I had to connect different codes and buttons to create the discord bot.

Challenges we ran into

I struggled with javascript a lot at first and then moved on to a different website. The main struggle with botghost is that it was my first time using it and I couldn't find any youtube tutorials to use so I ended up having to explore and make it all on my own.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was my first hackathon and I worked hard till the end. This was my first time making a discord bot and it turned out pretty well. It was also my first time using botghost and I was able to do it without help. It’s also my first time coding in general.

What we learned

I learned how to make a discord bot and kind of learned some Javascript. I learned that I really like Hackathons and that I should learn more coding so I can do more important things in the future. During this process, I also learned many facts like how many glaciers are left in the world. I also learned the risks of some things like how bad global warming is and how sea levels would rise by a lot if all the glaciers in the world end up meeting. I also learned how to help the environment in some ways and to start thinking about my actions and try to find a better solution to them.

What's next for Earth Trivia Discord Bot

I will probably add some more questions. During my research, I found a lot of things I was wondering about so I think next time I work on Earth Trivia I will make sure to look into them more and start to figure out the answer along with some fun facts. I also think after I add a few more questions and make sure its fully working I will officially make the bot public so that way people from other servers can use it and spread awareness about the topic.

Built With

  • botghost
  • discord
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