I was inspired by the State Farm challenge to help reduce and improve the environmental footprint in context with State Farm's services. I also had a personal need for an app that keeps track of the amount of water I drink in a day.

What it does

Earth points is an app that allows users to log their recycling, type of recycling, reused water bottle usage, and displays the points they have accumulated from doing so. It also shows the amount of plastic bottles saved from being used.

How I built it

With React Native, I programmed several screens to with forms to collect and display information from the user. When the user signs up, an account is created on Google Firebase's authentication service, and their information is initialized on Google Firebase's database. Any time a user adds a log, their information is updated on the database.

Challenges I ran into

I originally had a team of four, and we originally began working with Android Studio for quite some time. However, android studio was difficult to work with, and my other group members stopped participating. I decided to then tackle react native for the sake of learning. I ended up coding this project alone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For never having worked with React Native, I'm proud I set up a working system with Google Firebase in less time than the allowed 24-hour period. I adapted to change within my group, and I still delivered a simple project in the given circumstances.

What I learned

I learned how to create a react native app, and how to integrate Google Firebase into React Native. I also learned much about the requirements necessary to support both Android and iOS.

What's next for Earth Points

Add Leaderboards for each of the competition's I allow people to sign up for, seek out state farm incentives for getting points in the app (e.g. a fixed or percentage compensation or a small grant), add a feature to upload photos as a form of verification of recycling and reused bottles. Add push notifications for the user, reminding them to drink water, and polish the design. Also add analytics with easy-charts for React.

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