The inspiration behind Earth Hero was the fact that people often want to start making more environmentally conscious decisions but very few actually know where to start, and quickly become overwhelmed. Earth Hero addresses this by giving small easy to manage tasks that make a difference and are manageable by the user.

What it does

Earth Hero is a mobile application. During registration, the user is prompted to input some details about their daily schedule, such as the average time and days when they leave the house for a prolonged period of time (such as for work or school), etc. Earth Hero reminds its users to stay environmentally conscious by sending friendly reminders to users phones such as "Don't forget to turn off the lights when you leave" or "Don't leave your car idling for too long." based on the times that the user entered. By catering to the user's schedule, the apps eliminates the need to constantly keep a thousand tasks in mind and thus reduces the possibility of simply forgetting some of them. In addition, the starting Earth Hero's tasks are fairly simple to integrate into almost anyone's life style. Lastly, to increase the interest in the app, when users respond to the messages sent by the app, they receive reward points that may be used to upgrade and "grow" their avatar to compare with their friends.

How I built it

We used Visual-Basic to create the layout and design for what we wanted the app interface to look like.

Challenges I ran into

Neither team-mate had very much coding experience, and we would often run into issues involving the syntax of code and where a certain item would behave one way at one instant and a different way at the next.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proud of creating a decent looking UI during Hack the North with very little experience.

What I learned

How to manipulate Visual-Basic and the code to create new functions, and customize an interface.

What's next for Earth Hero

Actually make it into a fully functioning IOS or Android app.

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