The Problem and Inspiration

Climate change is real, but for many people still an abstract concept. What does it mean when earth is warming up by two degrees? Why are summers getting hotter? And what can I, an individual living in some random part of the world, actually do to make an impact? What actions can I take to have some influence? And how can I minimalise my own footprint and save the world? To make climate change more tangible, it must become personal. Be part of one’s daily routine.

The Solution

Introducing Earth Buddies, your daily companion in your fight for a better tomorrow

Earth Buddies is a Tamagotchi-like reward based mobile game which lets you take care of your individual buddy. On a day-to-day basis your buddy needs your help to get though life by providing it with food, water, shelter and activity. By engaging in daily challenges, you can accumulate up on climate points, improve your buddy’s wellbeing and impact its footprint.

The daily challenges are based on learning, taking action, and suggesting ideas.

They are designed to simulate routine tasks, every user will experience in real life. Close to home and right there to take offline and adapt in real-life. Next to its day-to-day needs your buddies’ happiness and – even more drastic – its livelihood will be challenged by climate change problems to solve. These problems are in the context of worldwide climate change issues such as sea level rise, heat stress and water shortage, and will earn you additional climate points to spend on your buddy. An additional twist, local organisations can link their real-life problems to the game, and ask for your ideas and opinion. Earth buddies is all about community. Because whom are we kidding, we cannot do it alone. You can link your buddy to you school or community, compare your footprint with your friends and tackle climate change challenges together.

Technical details, architecture and tools used

  • Tamagotchi like reward-based game with community functions and calls to action. An old-school idea with a new perspective
  • User-Centric Functionality, simple, fun, focus on interaction with the app and the community. And taking action offline. -Tools used: Figma


  • Went from no idea to pitch ready prototype in 24h
  • Created an Interactive prototype
  • Identified tech slack to develop the MVP

What's next for Earth Buddies

  • Connect with contacts in the game design to develop an MVP using Unity with Universities that study game design
  • Test MVP
  • Explore the option to "white label" and use for different markets - school children, University, employees
  • Use contacts to assess if this tool could be used for employee engagement for CSR Pitch to investors Investigate possible partners e.g. local education authorities, municipalities, news stations to set challenges, finance and market the product


Alena Fox: Kate Rushton: Robin Zimmermann:

Pitch presentor: Kate Rushton

Built With

  • figma
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