Some traders may want to bet on a stock's earning report release through options. Aside from needing to have a fundamental understanding of the company, traders may also want to know how a stock’s price has historically reacted to the release of previous earning reports. Is it a volatile stock or a relatively stable one? Yet, no platform provides this important information. My application aggregates stocks' performance before and after Earning Report releases since 2011.

How it works

In addition to Earnings Report release performance tracking, We also implemented Current Pain and five & ten days simple moving averages Golden and Death Cross buy in and sell off signal alerts.

  • A user can simply enter a stock symbol and get a report on that stock's performance since 2011.
  • A user can simply search for a stock symbol and get a chart of Current Pain, which indicates what price the stock will land at the coming trading day.
  • The app updates five and ten day simple moving average information daily, showing when Golden Crosses and Death Crosses occur.


We had difficulty managing the Time Zone issue for my app.

Accomplishments I'm most proud of

  • Collecting Stocks’ Earnings Report Dates data for the past four years.
  • Invented the golden cross and death cross alerts. This technique has been used in the stock market for decades, yet we are surprised no one has tried to make an alert for it.

What I learned

How to host my app on Heroku while using EC2 to update the RDS database on AWS.

What's next for Earnings Reports

Automatically placing orders for blue chip stocks or Zacks Rank #1 stocks whenever the stock exhibits a Golden Cross and automatically sell off the stock when it hits a certain profit level.

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