Insipred by following software engineering practices while designing software, we worked based on rapid prototyping.

What it does

EarlyBird is an event management tool, that serves to provide dynamic pricing plans for tickets and send out emails to potential customers. It creates an interface for event organizers and relieves them of deciding on what prices to set for tickets based on time and availability.

How we built it

EarlyBird uses Flask Framework, along with SQL Server as its database. Bootstrap is used to style the Front-end along with JQuery and Ajax.Capitol One API isused to gather merchant records and personalized emails are sent using SendGrid API. Eventbrite's rest API is used to retrieve information on Events. Pycharm Professional was the used IDE and Git was used for Version Control.

Challenges we ran into

We had to manage three different APIs with a lot of models, and handling of data in an eifficient manner was cumbersome. Nevertheless, from sticking to separation of concerns, we were able to merge our codes with convenience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have developed a working model of EarlyBird within such a short time frame whilst following proper programming convention.

What's next for EarlyBird

The GUI will be vastly improved and query times will be shortened. Interfaces will be added to all the models. Moreover, the interface will be much more interactive.

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