As we know that we faces different disease outbreaks in all our the world and for surveillance we have many early disease warning systems such as ProMed-Mail & HealthMap which generate warning for the disease outbreak but as those systems retrieve reports from news and online resources on weekly bases and after that they examine that reports in meeting and make some conclusion which causes late response for the disease outbreak and the disease would be spread out till that time and could cause more causalities. This inspired us to have a system which ensures timely response for the disease outbreak so that we can decrease the ratio of causalities.

For above problem we have designed a prototype for early warning system which will retrieve reports of diseases on daily bases from registered users of hospitals and monitor it simultaneously every day. There will be direct contact between hospitals and system (no other media involved i.e. news sources). So if there is a sudden rise in number of cases of diseases in specific area in last 3 or 4 days (automatically checked by system), this reveals that there is a chance of disease outbreak and the system will generate a warning for that outbreak on time automatically.

Health Organizations from all around the world can use this system for timely surveillance of disease outbreaks.

This is more effective than the systems that are present in market(ProMed-Mail & HealthMap) because it has direct link between hospitals and the system and no other media is involved so it take less time to get reports about encountered diseases and generates response automatically (i.e. no manual monitoring is involved). This ensures more timely surveillance.

Note: For more description, see attached word document named (Project Explanation.docx)

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