Elevator Pitch: One of the reasons COVID has spread so quickly across the world is the difficulty of diagnosis. We developed a quick, easy, and portable method of predicting COVID infection by testing early onset symptoms! Our project has the power to reduce the need for expensive and labor-intensive testing with a reusable machine. Thus, this device can help millions of people by warning of infection early, before possible spread, especially those working in healthcare! Just in case the computer does not work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv6G76cxlbY&t=4s

BIG Ideas: Cheap Easy to use Only necessary to use once a day Can work off its own data Doesn't even need WIFI, let alone a power outlet Super Portable Reasonably Accurate Its reusable Most tests are one time use, and our test (though far less accurate than nose or antibody) Reuse reduce recycle?

Rubric Category 1: Did the team put thought into the user experience? Yes, we made it easy to use and simple We factored it in to be used once a day before bed or after waking up The sensors are pretty easy to use Our temperature meter later on will be an Infrared Receiver (IR) which would be even easier and contactless to use Custom PCB will make packaging a lot nicer (No larger than a smartphone) How well designed is the interface? Its two buttons (yes and no), so it should be pretty simple and straightforward Simple and easy to understand recommendations Does it try to fulfill the user’s needs? Yeah, we can predict COVID decently accurate Its portable and won’t require WIFI if you don't want it to (though using an AI to learn someone’s normal sensor values would help accuracy

Rubric Category 2: How effective was the presentation? You tell us :) Does this team have what it takes to carry on the solution and implement the project? We designed this, put our hearts into it, and believe in it!

Rubric Category 3: Does the team provide a convincing rationale for why their solution may work and do they address significant technical issues relevant to their problem? Reasoning on how our device works: Article on predictive modeling based on symptoms: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0916-2?fbclid=IwAR3F7tMT9V8Saa3ol-Wv4B7pQ88jlAM_tz351sJHb1iuDmxnPcuhWSNpJeI#further-reading What if we could make a cheap and portable device that could do all that! Why our solution works: We have lots of previous research showing these symptoms are correlated to COVID infection We used a predicting equation based off the a real one with high accuracy (pulled lots of data from paper) Technical issues we aim to solve in problem we are solving: Most testing requires lab work and trained personnel Ours only needs a 9V battery and not even any wifi Can be used more and easier in developing countries

Rubric Category 4: How significantly can your project better lives in communities across the world? COVID as of now: 26.6M infected, 875K dead Can be used in developing countries over nasal and antibody tests that are expensive and technologically/resource intensive Does the project address a valid issue? COVID as of rn: 26.6M infected, 875K dead We have ways to test COVID, but our current methods are resource intensive and hard to implement Was there a clear effort to understand the background of the problem? We spent hours researching and reading different papers on the subject matter.

Rubric Category 5: How technically impressive was the hack? Our hardware isn’t too impressive, but the design is really something considering the circumstances. We built it all, coded it, and made a model in 1 day! Was the technical problem the team tackled difficult? We made it much cheaper, reusable, and built a decently accurate predictor, I’d say that’s pretty difficult to do Did it use a particularly clever technique or did it use many different components? Clever techniques: modeling fever after biological processes with limiting functions, a logistical regression curve for the predictor equation Many components: hardware menu, advanced predictor model, and CAD box design Did the technology involved make you go "Wow"? For a bunch of college freshmen, in one weekend in the middle of a pandemic, I hope so! Mentor/Professional Advice? Dr. Mannisi - “The device would be useful with early symptoms” Yes I know this is half a truth, but it’s a truth nonetheless! We expand on what he told us. We decided that our device would be very useful in detecting COVID symptoms in people with a smaller progression of the disease. Ms. Osnat Adam RN, MA in Nursing (Head ER nurse in Galilee Medical Center) This is a smart idea that can really help! She also noted that this device can be useful at home and to include other measures of symptoms such as gastrointestinal symptoms of COVID.

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