As a group formed around our shared love for music, we saw an opportunity to turn the tedious task of pitch training into a delightful experience that people could weave into their daily lives.

What it does

Our training app uses helps people strengthen their sense of musical pitch, a fundamental skill in composing and performing music.

How we built it

With the goal in mind, we worked out a way to gamify the process, developed the core interaction in VR, layered the audio and visual effects on top of this framework, then executed the design in Unity, using the Magic Leap 1 as our target device.

Challenges we ran into

  • Identifying a basic mechanic that would accomplish the task within the creative and technical constraints of our target device.
  • Developing a production pipeline that would allow us to swiftly test the feasibility of ideas.
  • Negotiating the vagaries of Unity.
  • Zeroing in the truly essential components of the experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Balancing what we wanted to do with what we could do in the time allowed.
  • Creating a spatial mechanic that feels truly fun and satisfying.
  • Delivering a proof-of-concept that successfully validated our assumptions, confirming that this was a concept worth developing.

What we learned

  • Don't underestimate the power of Unity to become a bottleneck (validating your pipeline early in the process matters as much as validating your concept)

What's next for Ear Trainer Game

Develop a richer look and feel on top of the core mechanic. Create versions that work in VR as well as AR. Build a scoring system that tracks performance over time, encouraging people to make a regular habit of practice. Add modules for training in rythym and harmony, as well as pitch. Add a social component so that groups of people can develop their skills together.

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