What does Ear Me Out do?

Ear Me Out is an Amazon Alexa Skill developed at McHacks V 2018. Our team decided to develop Ear Me Out to help beginners as well as aspiring musicians to develop their ear training with intervals.

Identifying The Problem

We all enjoy music. However, for those of us who do not have a musical ear, recognizing relative pitches is always a feat. Even in the comfort of one's own home, practicing your musical ear can be hard without access to convenient tools at the touch of your hand.

The Solution

Amazon's Alexa is ideal for such practice because of its ease of use. It doesn't even require sight, or a keyboard and mouse! Our Alexa Skill plays a random interval and asks the user to identify it, such as unison or a perfect fourth, then tells them whether they are right or not, allowing the user to practice simple intervals without the need of another person and with immediate, effortless feedback!

The Team

Jennifer Liu, Oscar Baracos, and Michelle Luo are all first years Computer Science students at the University of Toronto St. George with big ambitions!

Built With

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