EAR protocol is a decentralised application platform that aims to potentially change the way early-adopters have been rewarded uptill now. Our goal is simple - to allow developers and entrepreneurs to easily and reliably create an income stream for their early users.

What it does

Through EAR protocol, developers promise regular income stream to their early adopters in return of using their product. The protocol allows this Trustless contract between developer and early user through smart-contracts.

How we built it

We built it on Solana using Anchor framework. Started off, writing the underlying smart contract that handles the on-chain ledger and disbursal logic. Then we went ahead and created a simple dApp that lists various digital goods up for early-adopter rewards.

Challenges we ran into

Rust was very difficult to get going. The documentation is all over the place. We are >10yrs into professional coding (ex-Google, ex-Walmart), still getting by Rust was not very smooth. Glad, we were able to make it!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The current version works well on Localnet. We have built a flagship app which uses the underlying protocol for demonstration purpose.

What we learned

Our early discussions with potential clients (authors who want to sell on web3) are super excited about how this could open up a new acquisition channel . Hopefully, EAR protocol will be a must for web3-commerce.

What's next for EAR

  • Getting it ready for Devnet and eventually Mainnet.
  • Launch Web3-commerce dApp built on EAR protocol

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