Construction is a huge part of Hawaii's commerce. Time is money. The EALSurfer was originally created to save time when creating reports for DOH. It has worked well in the past but it hasn't scaled well to the modern pace of business.

Bulky Excel Files are difficult for coordination but often these files are still in use and converting to a full DBMS solution is not always a cost saving option. We wanted to eliminate the problems of version control, time commitment, and learning curve by offering a web app that directly interacts with the underlying excel document; inputing values, referencing sheets and cells, and processing formulae. Our solution is completely seemless to the people who are used to the old EALSurfer.

What it does

Our solution EAL Surfer+ allows users to interact with a master excel form from a single source controlled by the DOH which effectively eliminates the problem of version control. Most importantly the workflow of the DOH remains the same while creating a much easier process for the end user. We have also eliminated the need to completely re-work the form for multiple chemicals by allowing the user to input as many chemical values as is necessary for their site. Finally, instead of requiring the end user to manually export the required two sheets of the Excel Document for each of the chemical entries (a very tedious process), EAL Surfer+ creates and merges all required forms and presents the end user with a complete PDF report ready to be submitted to the Hawaii Department of Health.

How we built it

EAL Surfer+ ties together multiple technologies to provide an elegant solution. First we use JavaScript to interact with the endusers in a hassle-free and mobile friendly web app. In the background we use Java to evaluate the excel models. Finally our servers leverage the conversion power of open source software such as LibreOffice and PDFTK to create a truly seamless solution to the Hawaii Department of Health challenge. What makes this solution so powerful is that we have created backend technology that is plug and play for any Excel Form you to want make modern and mobile friendly. This gives EAL Surfer+ broad utility beyond just this challenge.

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