Web3 space has always been a space that thrives on communities. With the rise in mainstream adoption, fortune and non-regulated nature of the space, Web3 space has been largely dominated by scam projects, scam coins and scam communities. The rising need to ensure safer space gave birth to Eagle Eye- a community-based platform that prides in a safer space for veteran , new users and investors of the space while fostering wide-stream adoption, decentralized/community policing and passive earning. Eagle Eye is a web3 platform with a feel and environment of web2 such that users transitioning from web2 to web3 can already feel at home!

What it does

EAGLE EYE is a low-cost, easy-to-use platform for decentralized Web3/Crypto policing and DAO community with three variation of users:

Customers : This category of users pay for service render by the platform with the $Eagle Token. A user in this category can view the full details of review on a particular /any project of interest existing on any consensus network by querying the database with just the name of the project or more technical, with the contract address of the project.

Reviewers: This category of users submit reviews for the platform and earn passively.

Eagle token holders: This category of users can be any of the above-mentioned users or a holder of the $Eagle token. Interestingly, you can be a customer as well as a reviewer.

DAO Forum: And best of all, continuously giving back to the community with our DAO forum by engaging in but not limited to the following: Bug Bounty, emphasizing more on programs that foster the security aspect of Web3 space.

How we built it

Our solution is architected using a hybrid-dApp approach, with the foundation being laid on BTTC. Our interaction layer is composed of React, the project hopes to improve the feel of web2 environment, and allows merchants and users to register on the platform and create accounts with social app ID (such as Twitter ID, Web2 auth) or wallet auth (Web3 auth). The smart contract automatically handles the transaction among reviewers, customers and the treasury vault of the community; providing a layer of trust, with the data immutable, verifiable and transparent.

Challenges we ran into

Limited development tools. Lack of third-party application (Moralis) compatibility to help in the full integration of features outlined

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Community growth (from 2 developers to 4 developers). And also signed a deal with a big project in the Tron ecosystem to aid in the full development of Eagle Eye i.e production ready and maintenance structure.

What we learned

BTTC integration

What's next for Eagle Eye

An Eagle Eye extension which will be installed on User's browser to easily notify user about the Star rating and level of risk of the visited web DApp (only if the website URL exist on the Eagle Eye Database) The Eagle community will extend to a decentralized mobile platform for users who prefer mobile applications. A community which monitors the network activities not just on Tron ecosystem but also on other networks. A cross-platform community.

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