The inspiration for this idea came from, both, my sister and I’s experience with learning about things financial wise. We realized young children, elementary aged, do not have a strong knowledge about banking. We have an 9 year old cousin who is starting to learn about money and the value of it. We wanted to create something to help him keep track and make financial goals that could help later in life. This way kids will get a better understanding of money/cash flow and we hope this will help lead young minds to better the economy.

What it does

Ea$y Bank allows children to make virtual “deposits”, as well as virtual “withdrawals”. Now these deposits and withdrawals hold no value, but they do provide visual for cash flow. Also we have a goal setting feature that motivates kids to make SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound) goals. This way kids build that positive correlation with saving their own money. We say Ea$y Bank is more structured than a calculator, but not as overwhelming as an actually savings and checking accounts.

How we built it

We built this app by first creating an outline of the way we wanted it to look. Taking that outline, we applied it to the MIT program and created the functions from there.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we faced were definitely huge challenges. We ran into a few technical errors, such as obtaining the total value in one’s account. We realized we had to set the data from the database to global variables and go on from there. Also, when making the individual accounts, we ran into minor errors that easily fixed by moving blocks around. The changes we need to make would be that we would like to allow multiple deposits and withdrawals to get an exact total everytime children use it. We could not fix this because the blocks work in extremes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An accomplishment we are proud of is just the whole app in general. We put in a lot of effort, ingenuity, and creativity into this challenge. We both never thought that we would be able to make an app in highschool, it has been an amazing experience.

What we learned

Building an app is actually an activity that we CAN do,not just software engineers.
There are going to be errors, so do your very best to fix them.
We realized that this challenge was an advantage in the workforce, even if we are not chosen, we know the basic app building skills.

What's next for Ea$y Bank (Olivia and Nicolette)

The next step for Ea$y Bank would be to add a weekly budget feature that would allow us to expand our customer target area to adults as well. Also we plan to fix any technical difficulties from our challenges.

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