I was inspired by the exposure and opportunity to show case my inclination towards sustainability of nature and my talent of technical skills.

What it does

We at E-waste Grinders work on Channelizing the incoming and outgoing of the scrap across the globe. We strongly believe that the E-waste industry has a huge potential when it comes to employment generation and contributing to the GDP of every nation. Our vision is to collect and reuse the e-waste. Our model also provides a job security to poor scrap vendors and channelize the flow of e-waste scrap in all the nations in a more orderly fashion. We take in the customer pickup requests and send our vendors to collect the scrap. We are here to push the idea of recycling and reusing to new heights by bridging the gap between collectors, buyers and companies. It allows user to sell their product directly to the vendor or the E-waste scrap collector.

How I built it

I built the site using Html5, Css3, Javascript, Bootstrap ,EchoAR and lots of love. Using Google Places API, the user can enter the location. Then, the coordinates are passed over to the main page, which will show available e-waste scrap vendors for the customers on markers.

Challenges I ran into

I wasn't able to accomplish all the functionality and lack the knowledge to execute them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Given the time constraints, and the range in time zones, I did a phenomenal job getting this project far. It was my first time solely hackathon which added another layer of difficulty but we were able to use our passion for creating this website to push through all of those struggles. We set a really large north star from the beginning, which was good and kept us moving forward, but we were able to quickly pivot when we realized we were getting low on time.

What I learned

Some new javascript and bootstrap functionalities. Some of the key things I learned were about UI Kits from a design perspective, Echo AR, time-management and how to work under pressure.

What's next for E-waste Grinders

To integrate with companies and expand the website reach across the world. To deploy a safe and healthy relationship with customer, vendor and companies. To publicize and spread awareness about my website and hire volunteers and interns.

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