The E&W Manager as of right now is a webapp that makes people aware of saving power, water, and yes of course money. As of right now our webapp very helpful tips and information on how to save power, water, and money. On our webapp we have a calculator that calculates how much water and power you use by simply answering a few questions, in the end of your calculation the calculator totals everything up and gives you the total of how much water, power, and money you spend for certain everyday things. This calculator can help people learn new ways to save and make our planet better. Later on though if our webapp becomes well known we want to make it a home system and mobile app. E&W Manager home system is supposed to measure the usage of your water and power allowing you to manage the usage of water and power in your home. The home system has an option where you can set a limit of how much water and power you want to use in your house, for example lets say you want to use only 200 gallons of water per day and you go over that limit the mobile app send you an alert notification saying that you’ve gone over your limit, this concept goes for the power usage as well. We the App Academy believe this big idea can really help The City of Pasadena, our plant, and all the people that live on this planet.

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