Cape Town is a very beautiful place with its mountains, great sunset beaches and the calm vibe among its community members which always makes tourist feel welcomed. But apart from that its rich in a lot of history that is embedded around the city and its ocean. One of these histories is in he Robben Island where majority of the political icons of this beautiful country where kept during apartheid. Being 25 years after democracy, and the our elections coming in the next 2 weeks we felt there is no better way to commemorate those we lost during the struggle and appreciate the opportunity to find ourselves in spaces where we could engage in global topics than building a Dapp that would give its people the real democracy to vote without favor or fear

What it does

The Dapp authenticates users using their id, then they can cast their vote of which will be counted and the list of winning parties and the areas at which they got most votes can me displayed. It keeps the identity of the user anonymous and cannot be revealed.

How I built it

  1. A Smart Contracts was build to process, voters details and authenticate
  2. A Smart Contract to register to vote, post a vote and calculate the number of votes per politically party by area was built. using Solidity.
  3. HMTL and JavaScript front end was written on for Web pages

Challenges I ran into

  1. Running the tests on different networks
  2. Getting accounts assigned to an Ether coins
  3. Getting all the tools and understanding how they may be useful to implementing our solution

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. That I finally faced the challenge of not knowing what and how block chain works, Ethereum in particular

What I learned

The Block chain work is beyond what the world has seen thus far

What's next for e-voting

Make it compiles and all functionality fully implements the Ethereum block chain

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