The pandemic has greatly affected the outdoor experience. Masks on and 6ft apart, interactions have never been harder. You’re out on a walk and meet a stranger, neither of you are likely to stick around and maybe bring up the fact that there’s a cool hidden path up ahead or a very climbable tree. E-vol aims to change that while still keeping everyone’s safety in mind. A pun on evolution and e-Wall (needed that brick reference), E-vol is basically virtual graffiti. You see something cool you want others to notice? You just want to say hi? Leave behind a message for future adventurers.

What it does

E-Vol is a AR location-based mobile application It consists of two different operations -

  • Creating your own graffiti - User can either use the text box or the canvas to doodle.
  • Viewing grafiti around you - Uses AR to render previous messages in the area. Each graffiti is attached to the nearest place ID. User gets to choose if they would like to remain anonymous.

How we built it

  • Android studio to build the app.
  • Google Cloud API to detect location and find nearby spots (Nearby Search returns place IDs based on latitude and longitude)
    • AR Core for rendering images

[Project is still in its conceptual stages, there is no code written yet - which is why a Github repository is not included]

Challenges we ran into

I was unable to get Android studio running this weekend so this project, unfortunately, remains in the idea phase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Instead, I focused on fine tuning the design and making sure that all the gaps in the idea were sorted (Privacy issues, algorithm for location approximation) Designed a logo for the first time! I used Autodesk sketchbook.

What we learned

Learnt how to use AR for android Learnt how to Nearby works with Google.

What's next for E-Vol

  • Actually implement it! (I had trouble with android studio this weekend so I focused on the design)
  • Privacy settings of who gets to view your graffiti - only contacts vs public
  • AI moderator for content - Google Cloud has safe search API for text, create one for images to keep the content clean and user-friendly.
  • Add ways to upvote and downvote content - good for popular locations

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