Leo Tolstoy once said that one of the conditions of happiness is that the link between the man and the nature shall not be broken. However, according to, the world produced 381.00 million tonnes of plastic in 2015 which raised the cumulative global plastic production to 7.82 billion tonnes. This amount of plastic is more than enough to fill an entire country of China. Ever wondered why we should be concerned about this? It is because plastic is non-degradable which means most of the plastics we produce will stay with us forever and the Earth will be piled up with plastic. How can we protect the world from becoming a stockpile of plastic? As we know that plastics are widely used as kitchen appliances, decors, and offices. We did some research and learned that there are alternatives to these plastic products. Hence, we put forth an E-commerce web application that allows you to buy all your essential items, but in an “environmentally efficient way”. From toilet rolls to writing instruments, from bathing accessories to clothing, we have them all and they are all eco-friendly, we guarantee!

To make the world a better place to live in the future, we aspire to bring a change in people's habits as it is the easiest yet the most impactful area to bring a change in. Even if we can bring about such a change in around 5% of the population, it would be potentially enough to reduce a significant amount of the non-degradable waste in the world.

What it does

This is an E-commerce web application that allows users to easily browse through all the eco-friendly products and redirects the user to the official website of where the product is located for the user to purchase it. Users are also able to add products onto their wishlist while they keep browsing for other products. This is a user-friendly website designed for anyone who desires to buy products online.

How we built it

We used HTML/CSS, Javascript, and ReactJS as our framework to render the front-end aspect of the web application and Google Firebase to manage all our data in the back-end.

Challenges we ran into

We were planning our database to be SQL and targeting to populate around 1000 products into the database. However, the free version of the database is NoSQL and doing research and adding data to the database takes a lot more effort than we predicted, so we had to cut it down to just above 200 products

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud that we were able to create a fully functional web application that looks beautiful on both PC and mobile in such a short period of time. Additionally, we all learned how to use React Framework through Udemy about a week before the event and Google Firebase API during the event, which we believe was quite impressive.

What we learned

From this Hackathon, we learned a lot of new things. It was the first time for us applying some of the advanced features of Javascript in one of the Real-life problems- Environment protection. Moreover, we learned databases to improve storage efficiency. While we learned some of the cool aspects of the web technology, we gained the most unique of working as a team remotely .

What's next for E-Tree

We believe that another breakthrough technology is not sufficient to make a significant impact on our environment. What is more important, is to raise the awareness of all the eco-friendly products out there and have as many people as possible utilizing these existing eco-friendly products. We planned to keep adding more products to our database, a "add to cart" section, and a secure online payment, which will improve the user experience in our application.

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