We always dreamed of living in a place where people can get all the information they need, that people trust their local government’s decision-making and they follow what is put into places for the benefit of all. In this time of crisis, people here in Madagascar lose hope and unconsciously think that the local government is not doing anything realistic to tackle this virus and no one seems to be fully aware of the seriousness of this disease while we shall help each other.

When it comes to the ideas of liquid democracy and co-creative decision-making, it is also about that a population is not only possible to influence a government or institutions but also to "replace" them. Because individuals can create their own institutions and programs together.

This time is an opportunity to unify and work through solidarity and teach one another.

Finding solutions for covid-19 pandemics then fight TOGETHER for this invisible enemy would be a dream come true.

Another case is that due to the pandemic and since people have to stay at home, creating a virtual community or a platform for decision-making becomes a necessaity because people can do politics from home.

We have chosen the track Governance because we think local Government has enormous responsibility through their decision making that they should undertake and choose not to take for any reason. While we as citizens believe that if we are given chance to take part in finding solutions we could be more willing to cooperate and follow the rules.

And also a way for humans to feel connected and together, even if one is in a quarantine


Due to this covid-19 crisis, we have noticed how undisciplined people are in Antananarivo the capital city of Madagascar, and as a result the local Government has lost their credibility. This situation is not only in Madagascar but also in other part of Europe and Africa. So we have decided to create this project in order to help local government through their decision making by creating an “Information system” called: “E-TransparencyMada” with several functionalities or features such as:

  • Covid-19 infos
  • Covid-19 campaign
  • Feedback and Complaints
  • News

Our Main Objectives

Strengthen government ties with its citizens and improve their ( local government ) “image”.


  • Malagasy citizens. Though the system can be replicated in other African countries or anywhere else.


  • More “TRANSPARENCY” and synergy between citizens and government officials.

How I built it

I asked my team about their vision and their needs, then together we came to the idea of creating an “Information system as we think that’s the key to recover Government image and build strong synergy between its citizens.

The “Information system” helps governments through Open Data, adjust their policy and strategies by letting citizens express their needs, get more information about what happens and what to do in a timely fashion.

Challenges I ran into

  • We doubted about the fact that how would people/citizens consider this initiative and how could they enjoy the information provided? But as we plan to implement the project at township level, we are confident that it will be well received.
  • Access to the internet is also a great challenge but as we do have friends and family all over the World, we try to manage as much as we could.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

“E-transparencyMada” will be the accomplishment that I and my team will be proud of as we will make a great impact to reduce the number of people infected by this disease but also to re-built the relations between citizens and government.

What I learned

Through this GlobalHack initiative, I already learned something amazing such as building a team of creative people from everywhere regardless of their background and races. Also, Solidarity is the key to success and to fight for this crisis. We think that when people are given the opportunity to participate in their daily life and contribute, they will feel valued and they trust more Government decisions.

What's next for E-transparencyMada

  • Realization and validation of the logo and site for the project
  • Drafting survey to evaluate citizens opinion
  • Evaluating the project costs
  • Demo
  • Launching the project
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