Two of our teammates are on the Lenoir-Rhyne University E-Sports team and we are taught that communication is very important. But there has always been confusion about the positioning on all different maps. So we decided that we wanted to solve that issue and make our coaches jobs much easier.

What it does

The E-Sports Assistant was designed to allow a coach to pull up maps and mark where people would need to go in game.

How we built it

We used Visual Studio to easily program buttons that will bring up images of all of the maps that we need.

Challenges we ran into

The three of us have very little programming experience. We had amazing ideas that were just unreachable in the time limit that we were given. So we were forced to simplify our program and even change platforms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our biggest struggle was being able to write on top of a picture in any language that we tried. We also have very little experience in programming so there was a lot of frustration.

What we learned

Pictureboxes in Visual Studio are not able to stack!

What's next for E-Sports Assistant

We eventually would like to move to mobile platform and be able to connect to other teammates to quickly share ideas in the world of E-Sports.

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