Students are faced with difficult tests and lack the necessary time to study well for them. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you simply don't have enough time to finish your homework. Therefore ESnap is designed to help you during those times by summarizing text for you, easily and effienctly.

What it does

The user will take a screenshot or image of text, whether it be a textbook or worksheet, and the program will convert this into a text format through Optimal Character Recognition (OCR). After this, the app will run a natural language processing algorithm that will develop a summary of the text that you may view.

How I built it

Using an OCR API , android studio, java, and a self developed automatic summarization algorithm.

Challenges I ran into

Could not use an automatic summarization api so had to develop my own!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

OCR api worked successfully.

What I learned

Sometimes it is better to develop a tool yourself instead of relying on faulty APIs.

What's next for E Snap

Full scale application with customizable summarization percentage, multiple image capabilites, and a more accurate summarization algorithm.

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