Technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives by producing amazing tools and resources, putting useful information at our fingertips. In order to make sure successful delivery of a project, communication plays an important role. In our daily office routine, daily scrum stand ups are organized to share team progress, but with the trend of remote working and also with the coronavirus outbreak, its becoming our need of time to provide teams with the ability to record their daily progress remotely at any time regardless of time zone difference.

What it does

Providing users with an online platform where they can record their daily progress at any time of day. User can have access to its pending and active task list on a single click from where they can pick and choose what they did previously and what they are planning to do next. Also they can share any impediment which may cause delay or issues in their daily work.

How We built it

By using cutting edge technologies of Node JS and Google Cloud services(firebase realtime database), created a Chatbot using Facebook Messenger.

Challenges We ran into

how to facilitate the users with the availability of their planned tasks either pending or active task list within the scope of this chatbot with a single click instead of forcing them to use different tools seperately for task management and status reporting.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Converting the idea of daily stand ups into virtaul stand up meetings and accomplish the whole concept by implementing chatbot using facebook messenger.

What We learned

Developing and deploying messenger chatbot. Facebook graph api, Firebase real time db operations with nodejs & lastly a little devops on Heroku server.

What's next for E-SM (Scrum Master)

Providing scrum masters with an interface where they can manage sprint planning, tasking & some other admin reportings.

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