The main constraints during golden hour are

1)Ambulance Service. 2)Traffic. 3)Ready diagnosis facilities.

Any initiator from crowd calls only public ambulance since he/she is not aware of other services.In today's scenario though using public ambulance the person is admitted mostly in private hospitals.So,instead of waiting for public ambulance we can call near by hospital's vehicle to save time.So, The app displays the near by hospitals list and their helpline numbers.This covers the situation of dependency on public ambulance which may be far away from accident spot over coming the traffic.


1)Since we directly call the hospital helpline we can prior inform the condition of victim

2)If victim cooperates we can inquire blood group and inform hospital services so that they arrange blood before victim arrives.Considering worst case of nonavailability of blood and cut short the delay in getting lab reports of blood group.

3)The hospital services being aware of arrival of victim the doctors and hospital facilities are made ready.

4)Map support to hospital location is also given.

Coming to traffic , most accidents occur at traffic hours and the ambulance must reach over coming such heavy traffics.Even a small length of distances may take huge time due to less possibilities of clearance.Though people voluntarily try to give the way the traffic is unmanageable and unpredictable to clear in such short span.So alerting traffic services by informing about accident spot and hospital details there is possibility of clearing traffic prior.


1)Since the the details of area had been alerted ,the traffic department alerts the traffic system of that area to clear the roads.

2)No need to depend on public that they have to volunteer themselves to give way.

3)Since TRAFFIC COMMUNICATION SYSTEM is well efficient they can pass information within insignificant,that there is sufficient time to clear route in worst case situations also.

4)Less time is spent in moving the victim.

5)we can extend app by sending route image obtained from SHOW MAP option.But route may not be promising that the ambulance would follow the same.So sms itself would cover best.


1)Turning on the app lists the near by hospitals.

2)We can select best and near hospital.

3)On click it gives the HELPLINE NUMBER of that hospital and also reminds to try to inquire the victim or any one with him about Blood Group.

4)On click the Number is dialed we can request for ambulance and inform the case details like number of persons,if possible Blood group,status of victim etc.

5)Other button provided to alert Traffic services.

6)On click ALERT_TRAFFIC button sms is sent to TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT HELPLINE NUMBER providing details of area of accident and hospital,so that they can handle traffic efficiently.

7)Message is automated no need for the user to type.

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