As college students, we are frequently frustrated by obscure restrictions that professors place on assignments. We are required to cite our work, keep track of the word count, and remain within the character count limit.

This Chrome extension helps you do just that with minimal effort. Unlike pre-existing webpages, our extension is built right into the browser action. It allows you to generate Chicago-style citation and count the number of words and characters in a text area. The extension was built using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. An HTML file, a manifest.json file, and a JavaScript file were made.

The output of our program was not sustained because of a bug in the JavaScript program. This resulted in the output only being presented to the user only while the onClick event was active. We made efforts to include more advanced event handling, realizing that event listeners in Chrome are different from those of in-line HTML scripts.

We solved our problems relatively fast. The team is extremely proud of its ability to learn advanced CSS, HTML5 and JS specific to Chrome, given that we had no prior experience with Chrome App and Extension development.

We intend to extend the inherent capabilities of e|Scholar by including APA, MLA, and Turabian citation; automatic copying to the clipboard will be included. Furthermore, the UI will be improved to make the app more user friendly.

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