More often than I like I've seen managers land in stressful situations when an employee cancels a shift. The manager then has to call around to find a replacement. I aim to make the Managers job a tad easier.

What it does

The manager adds employees to a shift. Each appointed employee receives a text message highlighting the date and time of shift. The employee can choose to cancel by replying to the text or do nothing (meaning they accept the shift). When an employee cancels, The application then sends texts to all employees letting them know a shift has become available. On a first-come first-serve basis, another employee can reply to the text and the application will automatically schedule that particular employee and also send a text highlighting the date and time of shift. All this happens with minimal input from the manager.

How I built it

Built on Ruby on rails and Twilio for the texting.

Challenges I ran into

Having to handle the response from the employee's text and have the application respond accordingly took the most time and was the most challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time doing a hackathon and I am glad I managed to produce a working prototype of an application that can be put to good use. It has been a brilliant learning experience.

What I learned

Integrating an API is not always the easiest thing but we got it done. Also getting the process itself was quite a head scratcher but I'm overly happy with what I have managed to produce.

What's next for e-scheduler

The future of e-scheduler is to be able to add multi-tenancy so we can users from different organisations be able to use the application. We also plan to have better defined roles as we for see some establishments having more roles e.g a restaurant can have chefs and waiters. We would want to broadcast shift availability only to the relevant users. If a chef can't come in the we only broadcast the shift to chefs etc.

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