In today's world where everything is digital, our mission is to provide high-quality innovative services and online care and consult to patients Especially in Corona times, digital solutions offer effective support for your medical practice. By 2022, e-prescription will be mandatory by law. So we got the inspiration to create something new that can help to communicate patients with doctors digitally and get the paperless digitally signed prescription from doctors.

What it does

The website that we implemented is basically to help the patients to get the prescription of the doctors via virtually installed printers. In today's world where everything is online, it helps the patients to consult doctors online and get their prescription which is digitally signed by the doctors.

How we built it

We worked based on the gematik specification. Afterward, we continued together with doctors and they gave us their feedback. The technology is based on the german Telematikinfrastruktur and a Quarkus Microservice architecture.

Architecture The software should have two parts: 1.1. a virtual printer based on the IPP procotol RFC 8010 and RFC 8011 1.2. a browser application to review the E-Rezept and sign them in a batch run containing 1 and up to 100 E-Rezepts It should require as little installation on the client PCs as possible at most a browser application and some configuration It should be compatible with all systems that can print a Muster 16 Formular It should be done at 2021-07-01

checkout out architecture completely here:

Challenges we ran into

Challenges: Getting the hardware for qualified signatures, finding doctors that are willing to try out the system and understanding the gematik specification

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite encountering numerous difficulties, we are pleased with our resilience and willingness to work with technology with which we were unfamiliar. We explored and learned many new technologies within a short span of time.

What we learned

We learned to try and create some unique solution that doesn't exist in today's world which can undergo today's latest technology. Main feature is to build Time and cost savings product. We tried implementing the solution that actually helps today's problem. Learned to implement the solution using current market trends and problems

What's next for E-Rezept HealthCare (ERE HealthCare)

To add in some more features which can help to understand more patients' requirements and add them to the website to help both doctors and patients. Can try to add appointments between doctors and patients Can add online delivery of the given prescription by the doctors at the patient's doorstep.

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