Fight for climate change and a cleaner place

What it does

It allows people to map the city with the spots to clean, and gives the opportunity for who wants to help out keeping the city clean to have access to this map in order to help out in first person. It motivates citizens to clean up their city.

How we built it

We use image recognition to recognize the presence of trash in the pictures. Points are given to the users that help in the process of cleaning a spot, we can be sure that a spot has been cleaned because a user will have to check out the place where the trash has been picked up and confirm that it has been done.

Challenges we ran into

Making an appealing interface Fixing issues with the SSL protocol

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Object detection working as intended Our app does not need an installation as it is deployed as a web-app Turning the boring act of cleaning in a game

What we learned

Teamwork Frontend developing

What's next for E-Pick

Build a native app and deployment

Built With

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