Google Chrome Extension capable of reading the emotions within an Email and Producing an Emoji as a Result

Since it is a Google Chrome Extension, the team first started developing the Extension and them the interaction between the Gmail webpage and the javascript.

Thanks to this API https://github.com/KartikTalwar/gmail.js/blob/master/README.md, we were able to extract the body of the gmails.

Moreover, we had to implement a server using Java and RESTFUL web services to connect between the extension and the Server in order to use the IBM API called Tone Analyzer. With Tone Analyzer, we were able to conclude what would be the best emoji to represent the Email.

Because the team ran out of time, we were unable to implement the server-side in an AWS server and Emojis over Javascript.

That is why in order to run the extension and connect locally, we have to use Ngrok and the result from calling the server is the unicode of the Emoji.

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