Now-a-days hospitals use hand-written records with not digitalising them and making it difficult to share them between hospitals creating problems of losing the records. By chance if there are platforms available to do so, they are stored securely, making them vulnerable to attacks and viruses. The communication gap between the hospitals makes it impossible for the patient to move across the hospitals freely. If a patient does so, all the tests are made to ben done by the patients again and again. This makes the process big and hefty.

What it does

The solution proposed is to bring in a blockchain based globalised medical report generating system where doctors have the ability to look for the medical reports through all hospitals and security is given to the system through Blockchain. People would be able to approach any hospital through their uniquely generated card where it will bring a comfort zone to the people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The scalability of our project will be through the new servers that each hospitals will be using for the blockchain technology being used. As and when we add new hospitals to our application, the our market size will increase and people would easily get access to all the hospitals available.

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