Amid the Covid-19 pandemics, many small and medium businesses were hit. Many closed and had to start other life projects. In Brazil, Covid is still doing damages. We wanted to value these small businesses that endured all problems faced in this dire situaton. Therefore, we used the gamification to reinforce clients to buy from these stores. Moreover, we wanted to value stores that buy from small suppliers, which are very common in Brazil. Therefore, stores also have levels. The higher the store's level, higher the benefits in buying from them.

What it does

E-meal integrates the whole chain of production: from suppliers to clients, valuing small businesses and suppliers. Using the gamification, clients level up and gain rewards, as well as have weekly challenges that make the user experience even better.

How we built it

We used React Native to create the mobile development front-end. The back-end was handled by firebase and its library for React Native. The team had 3 devs, but only 2 were able to code. The UX designer made the screen while the navigation and back-end were handled. At the same time, the business got the ideias for each feature and created the pitch.

Challenges we ran into

In the beginning, setting up the Android Studio and the emulator proved to be though for the devs that never used. However, the biggest problem was to keep up with all ideas that arise from this discussings while executing the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishements we are proud of

  • Conclude a functioning prototype with back-end integration in a timely manner
  • Develop a business scheme
  • Develop UI prototypes

What we learned

By brainstorming and solidifying our project idea, we were able to study and get a better understanding of how it is possible to generate social impact in the retail industry. Additionally, our developers, UX designer and business specialist were able to practice and improve their skills in their specific areas.

What's next for e-meal

e-meal can be a great app to value small business, therefore having a social impact. However, the integration of the whole chain has to be revisited to be improved. For example, how to level up the supplier level or how to make competitions fair among clients to win rewards. Besides, there are implementations that need to be done. 48hours is short, but e-meal proved to be a great idea with just this MVP.

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