Note -

This project currently is in its prototype phase


It's a language learning tool, English is not my primary language and currently I'm still leaning to it. Suppose you found a new sentence through movie or some random youtube video and you want to learn it, the bast thing you can do on pc or more specific browser is to open google translator than translate the sentence or word and store it to some sort of virtual or physical notebook I found it very resisting, I spent my majority of time on browser not smartphone, how would it be if there is a browser extension that do all of this work on one click? that's the very problem I'm try to solve here.

What it does

It's a chrome extension, it takes word or sentence and check if it's grammatically correct or not and store data and it's translation into Firebase firestore db. also you can put data into "learned" category after you learned that one.

How we built it

It uses Firebase and Microsoft cogitative services to do all kind of smart works like check if a sentence is grammatically correct or not and suggest messed up words using Microsoft azure Bing cogitative service and translate a sentence a word in different language using Microsoft azure translation service these are the main tech behind the business logic and on the other hand I'm using on front end ReactJS to handle all of these things.

Challenges we ran into

The really big challenge I face that is I have never made a browser extension before and this the first time I'm using microsoft azure services. The second biggest challenge is add logic to check if a sentence is grammatically correct or not.

What we learned

  1. I learned lot's of browser extension development.
  2. I'm learn microsoft azure service.

What's next for E-lish

  1. Refactor my whole source code.
  2. Add voice control into it I haven't much time to code it now.
  3. Make it more fast.
  4. Add multilanguage feature currently it supports only en to hi.
  5. Host it on chrome extension store.
  6. Make it more robust and secure.
  7. Add GitHub Oauth authentication into it. there are a couple of feature that I have planned.
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