Brief description of steps taken to complete the project

The initial set up :

 1. Bought Virtual Machine.

 2. Installed Word Press on Virtual Machine.

 3. Designed user-friendly Website.

 4. Created AR (Augmented Reality) based app for visualisation

Connections :

 1. Virtual Machine IP Address linked to domain.

 2. Generated SSL Certificate (https) for website

 3. Developed the App

The output :

 1. Students can visualise 3D models  in AR as well as Browser
    (e.g. Digestive system, Earth's Core, Microscope)

 2. Teachers can mark student attendance and add exam marks on our portal.

 3. Study material (Resources) for students to study during pandemic.

 4. Parents can see their child's attendance and marks on portal by logging in.

 5. Students can attempt proctor (webcam) based exams (ensures no cheating)

 6. Teachers can see students online exam report in detail. 
     (Face detected or not if not - screenshot , recording when noise detected)

 7. Students can attend live lectures (classes) on our site itself.

[To download app Click Here]

Technology Stack

  1. For hosting website - Google Cloud

  2. For integrating Augmented Reality feature - echoAR and Unity

  3. Improve site performance (CDN) - Clouflare

  4. Domain service - .xyz

  5. For designing website - Wordpress & Elementor

Built With

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