We were inspired by our own, as well as our peers, difficulty efficiently complete our schoolwork and have a productive day.

What it does

Our app receives input from the user about specific tasks that they need to complete, how important they are, and how much time the user would like to spend on it. These tasks can range from coursework, to any mandatory events, which makes our app useable by all ages. Based on these tasks and their level of importance our app customizes the user's schedule to suit their needs.

How we built it

We used Dart code with a Flutter SDK, along with the help of HTML, Javascript, and Figma, all in Android Studio Code.

Challenges we ran into

Our project started off smoothly, however we soon ran into challenges when trying to connect Flutter to Figma. We took time to research, but with the time constraint, were unable to perform this successfully. To solve this issue, we focused more of our attention on Flutter, and worked on designing the prototype user interface on there as well.

We also ran into a few small difficulties that did not impact the functionality of our app, but rather its visual appeal. We set up a meeting with a mentor, and received helpful tips that allowed us to design our app to our satisfaction.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating an advanced program using Dart in a SDK that was very unfamiliar to us. We were not very well-versed in UI design, but managed to make the app look appealing and fresh.

What we learned

For all of us, both Flutter and Figma were completely new to use. We spent an extensive time watching videos and educating ourselves, in order to gain sufficient knowledge that we could put towards our project.

What's next for E L I X I R - Potion to Production

Our future developments consists of further implementing our streaks and leaderboard concept into our application. These would further motivative the user to complete their set tasks through social engagement and friendly competition. We would also like to improve the user interface to ensure that it is extra user-friendly. We would also like to enhance our schedule selecting algorithm to enhance its performance.

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