Moto Behind This

The moto of our team is to provide a better environment for both teachers and students so that they can carry out their education in this Covid Pandemic Time. For this we made this E-Kaksha which is the solution of various day to day problems faced by teachers and students.

What it does

Our top priority is to provide an online virtual environment where an online classes can be held smoothly and in disciplined manner.

What makes E -Kaksha Different?

We provide various features to make it fully different from others, The additional features that we added are listed below: Automatic Attendance:- Here in this class room an attendance will be taken automatically through various factors which are given below: 1:No of minutes you are present in the classroom 2:A given no of alert will be generated in between the class and there will be a time of 10 seconds for a student to respond. 3:No of minutes the Mike or Video of a student is opened.

Discipline Monitor:- In various online classes we watch that student do mischieveous things like saying unwanted words or doing whispering which affects the discipline of a class. So to avoid this situation we will install a speech recognition system through which each member along with host voices are recorded along with the name and time so that a teacher can easily find out who speaks. Through this way notes will also be formed which can be downloaded by the students.

Smart Whiteboard:- There will be smart whiteboard in which shape recognition system will be pre installed so that when a teacher writes something on the board it will automatically predict the character and update in a pdf. In this way the notes are easily readable and can be distributed among students. A seperate Whiteboard will be provided to both students and teachers. And a teacher has a right to open any students whiteboard without their permisson so that monitoring can be done simultaneously that whether a student is doing his assigned work or not.

Fixed Window :- We saw in most of the cases that when a student is taking classes a different web pages and games are opened alongwith, which distract the student attention, so in order to solve this problem we will run our classroom in a fixed window where no other tabs can be open and if you want to watch other tabs then you have to exit from the classroom.

Smart Quiz/Test:- In this a quiz will be shared by the teachers and student will have to complete that quiz in the given time. Here in this platform teacher can take written test also as a student can write the answers through the whiteboard provided.

How we built it

We use basic frontend and backend languages like Html CSS Javascript, Bootstrap, Django to make the platform and also used Machine Learning to perform various functions.

Challenges we ran into

We got various challenges while doing the backend work and also a lot while constructing Machine Learning Models.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite of many challenges in backend , at last we finally did it which we are really proud of ourselves.

What we learned

Through this we learnt much about time management and also get to know about various Languages and their applications as knowledge boost by doing these types of hackathons only.

What's next for E-Kaksha

We proposed to launch our idea to fully fledged classroom with more features and additional security.

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