People are struggling to carry documents everywhere. Several times the hardcopies may even get damaged and lost as they carry them along with themselves all the time Two million people die all over the world every year due to excessive bleeding. People lose lives due to poor real-time emergency control management. The data sharing process in case of emergency is time consuming and also may be incomplete

What it does

it is a small prototype which stores all the documents/ reports related to the user in digital format and allots a unique QR code to them. Through the digital identification system, we were able to support health care system by providing an emergency button, which shares the live location of the user asking for emergency, to our emergency control team. Then, even the medical reports of the users can be accessed by the doctors by scanning the QR code.

How we built it

We have used php and mysql for backend and html, css, javascript along with bootstrap for frontend. And we have used model-view-controller (MVC) framework for all our development requests. We have defined four entities - user, admin, notification and document entity. Then, we have defined admin and user models, which contain all the database related functions to interact with database. In addition to this, we have made two controllers - user and admins, for all views related functions. By using these functions, we have successfully implemented -:

  1. login logout system
  2. register system
  3. an algorithm for finding the nearest hub location from current location, using google map APIs and travelling salesman algorithm
  4. QR code generator

Challenges we ran into

Technical challenges: implementing QR code generator into our website/ app. Initially, we weren't Economical challenges: financial issues faced for getting employees for emergency management, funding from government required

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to accomplish travelling salesman algorithm, through which we were able to share the live location of a user to the nearest employee for emergency, through notification. We were able to generate QR code that contain the all information(through our website's 'My account' section) of the user, which is to be shared

What we learned

We learned how to implement the travelling salesman algorithm and QR code generating system, managing the information of users and admin separately. We learnt how to generate notifications on our websites.

What's next for E-ID

In future, we plan to integrate all the necessary and authorised documents in a single QR code, which will be generated through our website or app. It could be accessed directly. We will try to get authorised by our government

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