As we become juniors at Boston College, we are finally experiencing the life of not having a meal plan because of apartment-style housing. It's a tough transition and we've always wondered if there was a way to streamline the process of BC students helping out other BC students with their meal plan.

What it does

We want to highlight the core values of our Jesuit, Catholic institution by providing a method in which students can directly send or receive meal plan money to help their fellow classmates or even by donating to student organizations on campus.

How we built it

We first came up with a general idea of a platform that provides student easy access to their meal plan. We came up with an interactive design for the application and built a demo on Xcode using Swift as the programming language. We collaboratively brainstormed what the storyboard would look like and what services the application would provide.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was coming up with an interface that would be effective and simple for BC students to use. Some of the many apps that students on campus use, such as EagleVision, have platforms that target the availability of resources around them and we wanted to do the same. This was hard because we didn't want to have a very crowded storyboard but also wanted to make many features available. We spent many hours working together to design and make the features work together on Xcode.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very excited to see our idea come to fruition through collaboration and lots of hours of coding. Our biggest accomplishment was figuring out how the application's main menu would pan out and what exactly the app would provide. After consulting with our team members and other BC students, we were also very proud that we could make the app catered towards BC students because we wanted to provide resources to those around us.

What we learned

All of us are first time hackathon-ers so we had the opportunity to learn a lot from others. We learned how to come up with an idea and how to implement it. It was really fun to see that an idea like this could happen at our own college. We learned more about what goes into the coding/demo-ing of an app. We loved going to the workshops and learning about new ways to code. Also gaining exposure to the process of building applications was really inspiring and gives us hope that we can apply what we learned this weekend to future projects.

What's next for E - GLE

We hope to further develop our platform to make it as simple and effective as can be. Of course, this application would require getting access to student services and we would hope that after our process of creating the demo to our best capabilities, we can bring this idea to the bigger BC community.

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