The problem our project solves

There are certain risks related to sedentary work that many people working from home face during the crisis (1).

Those risks can lead to physical health disorders, productivity decrease, mental health issues, and an overall increase in sickness-related costs for employers (2, 3).

E-rgonomics web application is aiming at decreasing those risks.

The solution we bring to the table

E-rgonomics application provides its users with three features:

1) Timer (the main feature) that will notify users about the breaks they are recommended to take after certain time intervals in the course of a workday. During the breaks, a list of exercises and stretches, along with instructions on how to perform them, will be provided to the user.

Notifications will also include reminders to have a rest or perform other activities (such as walking or having a glass of water). The recommendations and activities for the breaks are provided according to the latest research in the field of health and productivity.

2) The application also contains a section with tips on how to set up a work environment at home, according to the ergonomics standards, and related productivity tips.

3) As an additional feature, the application includes a possibility to chat with a physiotherapist or an ergonomics specialist who could assess the user’s work environment and give professional advice.

There are many apps on the market that allow people to discover physical exercise suitable for the work environment, but we could not find a solution that would focus on efficient telework and also provide services of telemedicine.

What you have done during the weekend

  • brainstormed and developed the initial concept of the service
  • conducted research to gather insight
  • planned the implementation of the Minimum Viable Product
  • created the content for the Minimum Viable Product
  • designed the service, created graphics, and illustrations
  • developed a web application and deployed it online
  • created a video pitch and a DevPost project to sum up our progress

Our solution’s impact on the crisis

Many people were forced to switch to working from home during the pandemic (4). Our application will help them to stay healthy and productive, thus benefiting the overwhelmed health workers and employers alike, bringing a positive impact on the public services and economy. A new job market will be created in the field of telemedicine, fostering digital and innovative collaboration between individuals.

The necessities in order to continue the project

1) Developing and further improving our web application, developing mobile applications

2) Iterating potential business models as a subscription-based app or transaction-based business

3) Onboarding more specialists in ergonomics and physiotherapy to work on the solution

4) Conducting research to understand what other issues people working remotely may be experiencing

The value of the solution after the crisis

The crisis will lead to many companies and employees recognizing the benefits and possibilities of working from home. It will create a continuous increase in the number of people working remotely overall (5, 6). Therefore, the value of our service after the crisis will remain high.

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