We wanted a platform that provides a unique and practical learning experience - a platform where everyone could cooperate in providing the best e-learning content. The should be no limits in age, sex or anything. Everybody can learn, share practices and contribute.

What it does

Our platform is an open learning platform. You can level up your skills by completing tasks in each subject like maths or programming. You can provide your own tasks and even check the tasks of your fellow students. There is a special role for teachers. They can submit and check final tasks and give grades for lectures. According to the grade, students will afterwards be able to submit own tasks or check those of fellow students.

How we built it

We're building a scalable platform with microservices. That way, teams can use independent technologies. This was important to us, since knowledge of technologies is not the same in the community. As a team of more than 40 people, we tried splitting up - a team for each microservice, the frontend and a design team.

What's next for E-Edu

Integration of a vocabulary trainer, integration of contests and program code evaluation. Invitations for teachers and a large and growing base of users.

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