I have always been passionate about biotechnology and I decided to get immersed in assisted reproduction, I saw that when it comes to un vitro fertilization there is always a Lack of donors which make the process Harder both for clinics and for expected parents

E-Donna seeks to be the leading sex cells provider for Latin American fertility clinics

How it is built

Since it is a web Platform at first instance the code was created on html, we Designed the Interface for a MVP, After that we plan to use Twilio and API’s to keep improving our Service

Accomplishments that I’m proud of

Creating an entrepreneurial Project of this type is sich a challenge, Specially Talking into Account i do Not have Great experience in Health care

What I learned

I learned that Organization is key to success, it is not enough to Discovery a Problem and create a Solution. I do Need to compromise with Social responsibility

What's next for E-Donna

Continue the Development of our idea in Mexico to Turn it into a Reality

Built With

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