In this pandemic situation many of my friends are in rural area where network & internet service is too low .However in this current situation of lockdown they can't go outside .That's why a major of them use free messenger.My service is too short & give them quick & correct information in a while in free messenger.

What it does

This give them correct ,quick & simple solution to safe from covid 19 & other diseases.

How I built it

i built it by using chatfuel & just little more using others.

Challenges I ran into

Not so much but in this i try my best & understand what problem basically face remote areas people in this pandemic situation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That's very much interesting to me because this is my 1st time that I participate a big event like facebook hackathon.

What I learned

I learned how to use chatbot in many cases in social media specially in messenger that's reduce our time & give service to my providers more efficiently.

What's next for E-Doctor

I try to update it & make it more informatic & user friendly.

Built With

  • automate
  • chatfuel
  • setupai
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